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    The Create Initiative

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    Computer Repair class @ the Covenant House

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    Computer Literacy Training for Seniors

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    Computer Lab Installation

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    Social Media class at the YWCA

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    Computer Literacy Training for Seniors

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    The Create Initiative

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    The Create Initiative

The Create Initiative is a summer program that introduces youth to digital media in the fields of: web design, coding, digital photography, videography and music. Students develop websites, computer programs, edit and manipulate images using Photoshop, edited and manipulated video using Adobe Premiere and create and edit music files.  


Application Process

The application process was rigorous.  Students were required to present to their peers and CETAT staff sample multimedia projects they created or had an interest in learning.

3D Programming using Alice

 Web Design Using HTML

 Video Production using Adobe Premiere

Digital Photography using Photoshop

 Music with FL Studio

 Professional Skills


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